Bringing Simplicity to Ticketing

Keep It Simple Ticketing has provided general admission point of sale (POS) Ticketing since 2001 with our stand alone ticketing systems.

Starting with the DT10 Ticketing System in 2001 (which is now discontinued) the POS systems took many industries by storm including Fairs, Festivals, Parking Solutions, Convention Centers, Beach Access, High School and Collegiate Athletics and Auto Speedways. In 2007 Keep It Simple introduced the KIS G2 Portable and KIS G2 Desktop systems to future develop the collegiate and parking solutions. Next was the DT30 Ticketing System that brought a new workhorse into the product line in 2009.

As of July 2017 we are proud to launch our Online General Admission and POS Enterprise Ticketing Solution: KIS Ticket

KIS Ticket is an general admission based enterprise ticketing solution for venues of all sizes. Designed to bring a Smart, Simple and Secure solutions to venues through online and point of sale ticketing. Providing the best enterprise solutions to all venues for general admission ticketing.

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